AromaTouch Session – 60 mins




What is an AromaTouch Session Like?

The technique is a magical and relaxing healing experience. Each session is about 60 minutes of bliss as beautiful aromas relax the senses and gives you the needed time to escape the stress of daily life. The oils will relieve stress, reduce inflammation, improve immune system, ground and relax you. The oils will work their magic leaving you feeling calm, relaxed yet focused and energized!

Stress Relief

You will feel the stress melt away as the oils are rubbed into your back, hands, feet and ears. If your immune system is down, you will feel healthy as the oils powerfully boost your immune system for future protection. If you are out of balance, the selection of oils will balance your physical, mental and emotional bodies for better sleep and daily function, Pain and inflammation will melt away to bliss and relaxation as the inflammatory response is quieted at a cellular level. Wait there is more! You will feel energized and focused for days.

Experience the Benefits
Relieves Stress
Reduce Inflammation
Promote Immune Health
Create Homeostasis
Deeply Relaxing and Grounding

Sessions include 45 minutes of aromatouch and 15 mins of mindfulness and can take place right in the comfort of your own home.