Welcome, before we get started here are some things you should know

Step One: Let’s Chat

I believe in finding the right fit for you, it is with this in mind that I begin all client relationships with a free 30 minute consult. This time is for you, it allows you to share your goals with me and for us to determine what options we have for sessions. It allows you to get to me and ask any questions you have. We can talk in person or a video conference.

What you can expect
  • Sessions that are designed to support you in releasing areas of held tension. Freeing your breath and shifting your nervous system into a deeply relaxed state.
  • Honest, open, relationship based on mutually designed practices, accountability and recognition.
  • Listening to and understanding your needs and providing services to fully meet those needs.
  • An individual agreement on how we will interact that fosters the best environment and engagement.
  • An environment focused on your success that is judgement free.
  • Appropriate resources to help you on your journey.
  • Alignment with the ICF ethics and regulation.
  • An integration of Transformational Coaching, Thai Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy,  craniosacral therapy, essential oil therapy, energy work, breathing techniques and supportive stretches and movements into session.
  • You can expect an experience where they feel truly cared for both during sessions and in your home practice.

Choose a Package

Life of Wellness - Hitting rock bottom was the best gift of all

Transformation Package (12 Session)

Are you wanting to make a significant change in your life? This package is designed to provide you the clarity you need to be successful. To build on your ability to understand your patterns and barriers that will impact you along the way. Together we will co-create strategies along designed to empower, build confidence and resiliency along the way.

This package includes

  • Twelve 60-minute sessions in person, via phone or skype
  • Six 15-min calls for you when you need a little boost or help staying on track
  • The cost is $1008 (save $120)

A Healthy Start (5 Sessions)

Making sustainable changes in our life requires strategies to face our patterns and address hurdles in our way.

This package includes

  • five 60-minute sessions in person, via phone or skype.
  • The cost is $420 (save $50)

A Quick Tune Up (1 Session)

Are you look to address a barrier, gain some clarity or reconnect with your goals? This quick tune up is designed for you.

  • 60 min in person, via phone or skype.
  • The cost is $94

Four Week Group Coaching

Do you have a group of 4-6 people who are working together for a common goal? By working together on a common goal you increase everyone’s chances of success.
What You’ll Get:
* One individual 30 min session for each person
* support and guidance in an intimate, cozy and positive space
* opportunities to get one-on-one support and ask questions
* support from your peers between sessions


Price Per Person: $195 ($49 per session)

on-site yoga location

Questions about coverage?


As a member of the Natural Health Practitioners (NHPC) our clients are able to submit their receipts to their health insurance provider towards their health spending accounts. Please speak with your individual insurance company for more information about your specific coverage. 

The NHPC was established in 1988 and is the largest holistic health organization across Canada. Today the NHPC proudly represents over 6,300 holistic health professionals.

NHPC practitioners are recognized for their dedication to client health, high ethical standards, quality training and competency, professionalism, and commitment to safety.

More and more, Canadians are seeking holistic health treatments and are turning to NHPC members. NHPC members offer non-invasive treatments that can minimize stress and create a balance of mind and body.

* Serving clients across Canada and Internationally *