What if I told you that you can have the life you want?

Imagine this…

What if I told you that you have everything you need to find true happiness? That you have everything you need to be healthy? Or that you have all the tools for success in all your relationships? I bet right about now you are thinking this is some gimmick, some self help cure to all woes.

Every day it seems like we wake up and think about how it will feel in the future when we finally reach our goals. “I’ll be thinner. I’ll have more energy. I will have more time for the things I want. I’ll have enough money. I’ll find success in my job. I will be happy in a great relationship.” The list seems to go on and on. And then inevitably moments later the negative self talk, fear and doubts set in.

To be honest

When I say those things it is because I truly have found them, and they were all things I already had available to me. I’m not talking about an overnight solve, or a magical cure. It took work, it took time and it took will power! At first I was lost, I fell down a lot, and then I found my power and started to succeed.

Since then

After all I went through and all I have now I learned about myself. After finding the truth to my own health and wellness. I also found my true calling was to help others! So I packed up my pencils and inspiration and went back to school. I have taken classes, workshops, attended seminars. Each of them provided me a greater understanding of not only my health and wellness, they gave me a foundation to understand how to help.

coach_sadnessAre you:

checkmark Tired of feeling defeated, frustrated and anxious around
food, your health or your goals?

checkmark Exhausted from being on and off of the diet cycle, never experiencing any lasting results?

checkmark Sick of turning to food when you are stressed or anxious?

checkmark Sick of being angry with yourself when you fall off the wagon?

checkmark Finished making promises everyday to do it differently?

checkmark Done hiding from your ”triggers” and having rules for yourself around being ”good”?


Working together

As you make changes you may experience some fear or self-doubt that is often accompanied by change.  We will overcome this together by re-framing negative self-judgement to a supportive and positive self mantra.

As your partner I will guide and inspire you through coaching and mindfulness to achieve a balanced life of mind, body and spirit. Together we will identify and remove the hurdles, putting you back in the driver seat of living your unique life of wellness.


coach_self_esteemTogether we will:

checkmark Embrace health and let go of destructive behaviors

checkmark Transform the thinking that has you stuck

checkmark Create your peaceful relationship with health and wellness

checkmark Give you the gift of love and self acceptance

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