Why I’m glad I got sick

I'm glad

Over the last year I have had hundreds of conversations with others who have also changed their lives. Inevitably one of us will ask the other “what inspired the change?” Almost every person has answered with “Well, first I got sick.” This is almost always followed up with our story, and how we felt helpless but eventually took control of our own fate.

When I think about the past 2 years, I can remember the tears, feeling lost and the fear. I also remember the exact moment I felt empowered to change everything. Along the way I remember the times I looked in the mirror and saw real change.

So what lessons do I wish I could go back and tell a younger me?

I had everything I needed all alongI'm glad

I remember being a little girl watching the Wizard of Oz and Glinda telling Dorothy that she could have had everything she wanted all along. So why do we forget that? Why are we so hard on ourselves?

I’m sure you’re asking how I found my wellness?

First I had to realize that I can listen to everyone, read every book and whats on google. I can ask doctors, get tests and watch documentaries. In the end I had to empower myself with knowledge, ask questions, be curious and not give up. I also had to realize that my body is exactly that, it’s mine. Of course the information still applied the most important thing was to pay attention to the results and learn. This is how I engaged and empowered my brain.

Second I had to find my reason for change. Getting sick helped me see this more clearly, but in the end I knew all along. What I value most is my family and being in service to others. Getting sick reminded me that I was at risk of not being able to be there to see my kids grow up, To meet and be there for my grandchildren. With no energy how could I have the time for them and then to give to others? This is the heart of why I needed a change.

The most important lesson of all

Then finally I had to face my fears. Most of them were deeply rooted, and each time I thought I had done it I found something a bit further in. At first this was really hard, I slipped up or thought of stopping. I felt wobbly, scared to move on. Then I remembered why I was there in the first place. This is how I found my courage!

The last lesson was to take solace in my friends! The best times along the journey was when I allowed others to see me for who I am, share my feelings and my fears. It not only provided me with the support I needed along the way, more importantly it strengthened and developed authentic amazing relationships.

If you want to learn more about how you can make your life change email me at melanie.taylor@lifeofwellness.ca

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