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Melanie, I need to impress upon you, what you are doing is profoundly important. You are giving women a new lease on life, the value is priceless. Nothing but love and respect for you. 

Sometimes you light candles, 

sometimes you light a firecracker

This time you lite a light house that will endure and guide others as well. 

Lindsey Coyle

A fellow nature enthusiast, yoga living, health and wellness coach Melanie Taylor of Life of Wellness. She is a role model to me in mother-ship and cares for her clients in a way that always has them feeling listened to and we’ll understood. I have had the honor of learning yoga teacher training from Melanie and we both share a passion for bringing tools to our clients for stress reduction, the empowerment of women but all humans really and trauma informed practices. 

Melanie is a key support person for those of us in this community and has volunteered endless hours of time to better the community and support the people whom are part of it.

Meagan S

Our Mission

Bring an End to Suffering and Awaken your Inner Strength and Empower You to Embrace Your Life, Health and Wellness. 

About Melanie

My name is Melanie Taylor, and I am a Certified Transformation Coach, Thai Massage and Stress Reduction Therapist, located in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada and supporting clients all over the world. We support you with releasing stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain and re-patterning your life. 

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Melanie Taylor

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    When you share your story, do you think about yourself as the author and editor?

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    The 10 things that each made me 10% happier

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